Telephone interview are a common screening tool and an opportunity for the employer to get to know you before inviting you in for an interview.

Interviewing in this way is cost effective for companies and while it may be nerve-wracking, it’s a really great opportunity for you to make a good impression and also a good experience of a different type of interview.

If you’re preparing for a telephone interview, take a look at our tips for success:

          Schedule and confirm – Once you’ve sent your CV, expect a call at any time from the employer. When picking up the phone be professional no matter who you think may be calling. When you’ve received the call, schedule your interview time and before the call ends, verify the information to ensure you know when your interview is taking place.

          Preparation – It’s just as important to prepare for a telephone interview as it is for a face-to-face. As you would with any other interview, research the company and be prepared for those ‘typical’ interview questions. Don’t forget that if you’re applying for a position through Hire a Hero then there may be individual support available for your telephone interview. Speak to your Career Coach.

          Interview day – Set the scene on the day. Have a quiet space where there will be no interruptions and that you feel comfortable in. Some people like to wear their formal interview clothes for a phone interview as this helps them to get in the right head space. You may wish to have some prompts in front of you such as your CV or any notes you made about the company. Ensure these are ready in advance and have your space set out and ready for your telephone interview in advance.

          The call – be confident, friendly and approachable. Make the employer want to know more and want to meet you face to face. Show an interest in the position and let the company know that you’re the candidate they’re looking for by knowing your CV, how you fit and what you can bring the business.

          Close the call and next steps – Ask a question if you have one at the end and manage your own expectations by asking when you are likely to hear back regarding the outcome of your interview. This means that you won’t be waiting, unknowingly by the phone.

Our Career Coaches provide fantastic support for those undertaking interviews on Civvy Street. Find out more about working with them by contacting our Military Liaison Officer:

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