Searching for new employment is a daunting process, particularly if it’s new to you. Today’s job market is full of competition and as someone who has served in the Armed Forces, you’ll find yourself now also competing with civilian counterparts. 

It’s so important to keep in mind and understand what extra qualities you have to offer from your military service and how you can use these to your advantage in the job searching process. Here are some of our top tips of what you need to be doing to make yourself stand out from the crowd. 

Make it ‘I’ not ‘We’ 

As someone who has served in the forces, you’re very adaptable and know how to work in a team. On Civvy Street working in a team is just as important, however employers need to know about you as an individual and your achievements. It can be difficult to move from a ‘we’ to ‘I’ mindset, but you need to sell what you’ve done as an individual to employers. Yes, we’re sure you worked very effectively as a team, but think about what you personally brought to the challenge or task set to you. The more you think like this, the more natural it will become. 

Write an unforgettable CV 

You’re CV is your first impression on Civvy Street so make sure it isn’t pushed in to the wrong pile. CV’s are notoriously difficult to get right, and as employers are looking for different things, you need to make sure you adapt your CV to each of them to make sure it tells them everything they want to know and hear. In terms of format and layout, you’ll hear lots of different advice, but make the CV writing process less complicated by seeking support from one of our Hire a Hero Career Coaches.

Tailor your application – know the business, know the role 

Just like your CV, any job application you send needs to be tailored. Having a generic overview is great, but there’s nothing worse for an employer than reading an application that clearly doesn’t address or meet the job description or person specification. These are a great place to start to make sure you know what the business wants from their new employee. You should also get to grips with the business and demonstrate an understanding of them. These are sure fire ways to make you stand out and have the best chance at success. Though time consuming, it’s a must. 

Engage and network online 

We’re living in a digital age and more and more opportunities are becoming available online, particularly through online networking opportunities. Professional social media outlets such as LinkedIn are very useful in growing your networking, interacting and engaging with people in the industry you are interested in working in and also having you be the first to hear about employment opportunities. Again one of our Hire a Hero Career Coaches can help you to get this right if it’s something you are unsure about. 

Be open to options 

Those who are open to options stand a better chance of success and are also very appealing to employers. While it’s really important for you to have a goal and an aim, it’s just as important that you don’t get so tied up in this, that you miss out on opportunities that are on the path that lead you to where you want to be. If you’ve been consistently applying for specific vacancies and getting nowhere, thinking about why this might be and potentially exploring another pathway to get there is advisable. Remember, you’re working toward an end goal. It might take you a while to get there but you will get there! 

No matter where you are in your transition, get in touch with Hire a Hero for an informal chat. We do whatever we can to support you in whatever way you need and our high trained and career specialist Career Coaches offer fantastic support in a variety of ways to those who have served. 

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