Hannah started with Farmfoods in September 2017 on the Management Development Programme.  Hire a Hero supported Hannah throughout the recruitment process.  Here’s what Hannah had to say about applying with Farmfoods with Hire a Hero’s help.

 “I was in touch with Hire a Hero from the beginning. I had already had help with my CV from the careers advisors in the military, but they were really helpful and checked it all over for me, it was great to have a second opinion. I was able to speak to Hire a Hero about Farmfoods and felt that I could ask them some questions that I wouldn’t be able to ask someone from Farmfoods directly. They knew a lot about Farmfoods, and that showed me that Farmfoods were in touch with them about the opportunity.  If they didn’t know, then they would find out about it.

I had a career coach who gave me some useful hints and tips and helped to me plan for the different steps of the process.  My career coach helped me to reflect on the skills that I had gained in the military and how they could be applied to retail.  They obviously didn’t know exactly what would happen at my interviews, but they did give me different scenarios and questions to think about and plan for.  They even celebrated with me each time I passed an interview stage. 

It would have been a bigger challenge going through the recruitment process alone, it was nice to have someone to be with me at every step.  Hire a Hero have kept in touch by email since starting the programme, and I know that I can still contact them if I need to.

Since starting at Farmfoods I’ve been to lots of different places, an induction in Birmingham, training days in Wakefield, a distribution placement in Warrington as well as a couple of different branches.  I’ve been really busy and I’ve had to think hard as well as work hard as I’ve been learning lots of new things.

Everyone at Farmfoods works hard and there’s a lot of people involved in the Management Development Programme, so there’s lots of support behind you, just like in the military!”


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