Want to fundraise for Hire a Hero, serving those who served us? Your efforts help us support our heroes through the transition from service to civilian life.

Take on a Challenge or Host an Event

Hire a Hero already has had supporters attempt Europe’s highest peak, sky dive, rally across desert, take on obstacle courses, and we hope that this will offer you inspiration to undertake your own fundraising challenge.Of course you don’t have to go to those extreme levels to raise funds for Hire a Hero, something as simple as a bake sale, concert or an evening’s event can raise vital funds for the heroes we work with.

The team at Hire a Hero will help you in putting together materials to promote your event, draft press releases, blog on our website and promote whatever it is you intend on doing in our monthly newsletter.

Tell us about your fundraising idea by emailing info@hireahero.org.uk and speaking to a member of the team.

Got a great fundraising idea with Hire a Hero as the beneficiary in mind but don’t know how to go about organising it?
Follow the simple guidelines below to make sure your fundraiser runs smoothly and everybody involved has a great time!
Set up a sponsorship page on BT MyDonate. Fundraising online is the easiest way to make sure all donations and gift aid comes directly to us and you won’t have to chase your sponsors! Let us help you set up your fundraising page online and link it to the official Hire a Hero MyDonate.
Personalise the page with a picture and keep your sponsors up to date with your preparations.
Email the link to your page to all of your contacts and colleagues.
Promote your fundraising page on social media sites such as Twitter, set up a Facebook group, even start your own blog!
The communications team at Hire a Hero will work with you to draft a press release
We’ll tweet it about it via our own Twitter, and keep everyone updated through our Facebook
Before, during and after your event we’ll put together blogs to give you the best exposure, along with placing it in our newsletter.
Encourage tax paying sponsors to tick the Gift Aid box either online or on your sponsorship form. The value of their gift can be increased by approximately 25% at no cost to them!
Make sure they fill in all their details correctly – to claim Gift Aid we must have their first name, last name, and full home address including their postcode.
All events and activities must comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
You can get free health and safety advice from The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), it is worthwhile checking their ‘five steps to a risk assessment’ before putting on an event.
We really appreciate your support but we can’t accept liability for your fundraising activity or event. All fundraising activities are at the organisers’ and participants’ own risk.
First Aid
Contact your local St John’s Ambulance or British Red Cross Association for help and advice on first aid requirements
Licenses and Permissions
We recommend that you inform your local authority of your event, get advice on health and safety issues and check for any legal permissions or licenses that you may require.
To collect funds in a public place you will need a licence from your local authority. If you’re planning to collect on private property such as a supermarket you must obtain written permission from the owner. It could be the case that anyone collecting money where you intend might have to be over 16, so it’s best to check.
Raffles and lotteries
As they are subject to very strict and complex laws you must consult The Institute of Fundraising Laws before organising a raffle or lottery.

Look After a Fundraising Tin or Bucket

Looking after a Hire a Hero fundraising tin or bucket is a simple and hassle free way to serve those who served us.Place it in a busy spot such as a local shop or community centre and keep an eye on progress as you raise funds for Hire a Hero.

Once your jar is full simply get in touch with a member of the team to arrange fund collection and getting ready to start the process all over again.

Contact us by email: info@hireahero.org.uk or call 01495 366670 to discuss looking after your own tin or bucket.

Donate the 5p Bag Charge

Shoppers in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland now pay 5p for every plastic bag they have from a retailer.Retailers can choose what to do with the proceeds of the charge, but they are expected to donate it to good causes.

Why not donate your 5p bag charge to Hire a Hero and serve those who served us.

To discuss get in touch info@hireahero.org.uk : or call 01495 366670.

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