“I have had the privilege of serving with the UK’s finest soldiers; who, when called to do so, served their country unfailingly. We taught them to take on a fierce enemy which they did unflinchingly.

“Its now our turn to serve them: many face a new enemy, for some it is their own struggle, for others it is the seemingly simple task of building a civilian life. The army builds confidence and self esteem, the transition to civilian life can erode these very characteristics.

“Service leavers need Hire a Hero to support them through that transition, to find meaningful employment that can give back to them the very characteristics that made them successful in the Armed Services. I am delighted to be an active supporter of Hire a Hero.

“Gerry Hill, the CEO of Hire a Hero, is widely respected within UK Special Forces and is a good friend and colleague: I know under his leadership Hire a Hero will make a critical difference to the lives of those who served at the time they need it most.”

Belfast-born former Colonel Tim Collins OBE is one of the country’s most well-known and vocal military officials. Most famous for his rousing eve-of-battle speech to his troops in Kuwait, which still hangs in the Oval Office, Tim is also known for setting up the Peace Support College in previously war-torn Sarajevo. Now retired from the military and in charge of an intelligence-based security firm Tim works to raise awareness and gain support for army heroes struggling to cope with civilian life.

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