No matter what stage you are at in your transition to civilian life, we’re confident that one of our Career Coaches could help you.

We believe that key to a successful transition is good friends, good networks and good luck. Our Career Coaches provide just that and work with you on an individual basis to provide support tailored to your needs. All contact can be carried out over the phone or by email, so no need to take time out of your week to arrange meetings. This also means that we can put you in contact with the best Career Coach, suited to your career goals no matter where they are in the country.

Good Friends

Everyone needs good friends in their transition, and working with a Hire a Hero Career Coach puts you in touch with people who are genuinely interested in what’s best for you and your career.

Good Networks

Our Career Coaches open doors to opportunities and can help you to explore new options that you may have never considered before.

Good Luck

The transition is all about making your own luck, by working hard to achieve your goals. By working with a Hire a Hero Career Coach, you’ll explore more opportunities, think outside the box and increase your chances of a successful transition. Hire a Hero and our Career Coaches do all we can to increase your luck.

Whether you’re still serving and looking to gain some insight to what Civvy Street is like, or already made the transition and looking to explore more career opportunities in civilian life then get in touch and begin working with a Hire a Hero Career Coach:


Hire a Hero have teamed up with Veterans Next Step to bring you all the benefits associated with their membership.

Veterans Next Step are a dedicated team of ex-military personnel with a passion of making the transition into civilian life as easy and rewarding as it should be. After creating your own personal profile, you become a member, have access to their job board and will receive notifications of the latest vacancies and training opportunities best suited to you.

By working in partnership with Hire a Hero, Veterans Next Step are offering a free 12 month membership who sign up using our unique code: VNS18.

Find out more about Veterans Next Step by visiting their website. Details below:


As someone who has served in our Armed Forces you stand out for a number of reasons to civilian employers.

Quite often, we hear of service leavers and veterans thinking that they stand out for negative reasons but at Hire a Hero, we and our job board employers believe that you stand out for all the right reasons. Knowing what makes you different from other candidates could be the key to civilian employment success, as you’ll know how best to market and sell yourself.

Here are some of the things that we believe make you stand out to Civvy Street employers. It’s important to not only understand how these fit with you as an individual and to your experience, but also to be able to give real-life examples to a civilian employer of you utilising these skills to be benefit of your employer.

Teamwork and Leadership

As someone who has served, you’re very used to working as park of a team in a variety of situations. Not only that, no matter what your rank in the military, you also possess leadership skills. Both of these are really valuable and giving your best examples of both will really help you to demonstrate to civilian employers that you can not only work effectively as part of a team, but also on your own and taking ownership of a team.

Specialist Skills

What’s really important when thinking about specialist skills is how you explain and translate these to civilian employers. Often it can be difficult to translate specialist military experience and roles in to civilian speak, but a Hire a Hero Career Coach can help you do this. Sometimes words or phrases you use may not seem like military speak, but to a civilian they don’t portray well enough the specialist skills you have. If you’re unsure, have a civilian family member or your Hire a Hero Career Coach look over your CV. This is a really effective way to ensure that, if the person who receives your CV has no military experience they still understand how highly skilled and qualified you are.

Transferable Skills

With military experience comes a number of transferable skills. Often these may not stand out to you as they come naturally and you use them day to day but things like precise communication, impeccable execution, accountability as an individual and working under pressure and in stressful situations and environments. Again tell the employer about these skills and give real-life examples of them in use to impress.

Enthusiasm and Drive

Civilian employers, like all employers like employees to be driven and enthusiastic. By having dedication in your military career and being passionate about your experience from this will show your drive and enthusiasm. Though you may be daunted by the transition, express your desire and motivation to succeed in your new civilian life and career. You can show your enthusiasm in a number of ways, but a key way to do so is to know the business you are applying to work for. Having done your research and being knowledgeable demonstrates a keen interest in the company and being part of it.

If you’re unsure what makes you stand out as an individual them a Hire a Hero Career Coach can help. Find out more: Work with a Hire a Hero Career Coach, and contact our office team to get involved:, 01495 366670.



Late last year, some military charities suggested to BBC Newsbeat that not enough was being done by businesses to support those who have served in our Armed Forces.

The Mind Trust, Officer Association and Deloitte said there was a ‘big gap’between the promises made and reality of finding work after leaving the forces. A study conducted by the three organisations found that 87% of UK businesses knew about schemes available to support ex-military personnel but only 24% engage or have such a scheme.

Some time ago the Armed Forces Covenant was launch with the aim of ensuring that society acknowledges and understands those who have served and their families and make sure they are treated fairly and with respect. Many ex-military personnel have faced discrimination and the Covenant is in place to prevent this happening.

With the research and opinions shared above, is the Covenant working and is there more we could be doing?

Visit the original BBC Newsbeat article and hear the opinions of some ex-military personnel.

Tell us what you think on:

Twitter: @hireaherouk

One of our dedicated supporters Paul Vicary is currently cycling from London to Amsterdam in aid of Hire a Hero.

Find out more about the man behind the challenge:

Paul has nearly 30 years military experience, having joined the British Army at the age of 16 into the Light Infantry (Rifles).  During his time in the military, he has been to all of the ‘nice’ places; worked in highly pressurised and hostile environments.  He now looks towards other challenging environments; pushing the boundaries, as well as raising money for charities and assisting the local community.

He walked, as part of a 3 man team, under the leadership of the Late Henry Worsley, unsupported to the South Pole in 2011/12.  This was in the footsteps of Captain Scott, celebrating his centenary, covering over 920 miles, taking 76 days, and remarkably, arriving the same day at the Pole as Captain Scott and his team did. They managed to raise over £200,000 for injured servicemen.

Since this time, for charity, he has cycled Land’s End to John O Groats, London to Paris in 24hrs, and recently taken a charity group on a trek to Everest Base Camp.

He has currently embarked on probably one of the last and most difficult arenas in the world today, venturing with 2 other colleagues to the Geographic North Pole, totally unsupported.  Paul and his team documented the effects on the Arctic Ocean, as well as raising money for Hire a Hero.  The team was congratulated by Ranulph Fiennes on their accomplishment.

This year he will be cycling from London to Amsterdam for charity and will attempt to get a group of 30 ladies to Everest Base Camp on a charity trek; as well as juggling his busy work, life, with his wife and three young children.


Why you chose to fundraise for Hire a Hero?

Firstly, I have ties with your Founder and I come from a military background myself; I want to support Hire a Hero, raising awareness, plus raise any charity funds for this worthy charity .

What drives you to do these challenges?

Great question!  Personally, as a goal – challenge, the health benefits and something to aim for in life- as well as raising money for charity, raising awareness towards great causes.


You can support Paul by visiting his fundraising page: Paul VirginMoney Giving Page.

At Hire a Hero we frequently receive CV without covering letters. We know that many people are unsure of why they are needed and their purpose, but we always emphasis their importance as an addition and introduction to your CV.

You may feel you’ve spent so much time on your CV, that a covering letter is going to take you just as long but this doesn’t have to be the case. Given that you have completed your covering letter, you should already have a good understanding of your transferable skills and what you have to offer making this the easy part.

We hope these step-by-step tips we will help you begin to pull the letter together:

Things to think about
Firstly, get in the right frame of mind about the aim. Think of your covering letter as a 30 second introduction to the employer. During this time you have to get across that you are the right candidate for the job and have the recruiter wanting to know more, which is why your CV is an effective follow on.
It is also advisable to have done some research in to the company and have an understanding of the type of individuals they are looking for. There could be some key words you come across that you can include in your covering letter and really have it stand out.

The Letter

    • Opening – Short and to the point, your opening paragraph should explain why you are writing for example ‘I would like to be considered for the position of ‘Driver’. It is often useful to also include where you say the role advertised or if you found out about the role from a contact, who they are.
    • Second paragraph – This is when you should explain why you are suitable for the job. Describe briefly your professional and academic qualifications but don’t go in to as much detail as your CV. In this section ensure your skills are referring to the job description.
    • Third paragraph – What can you do for the company and show your knowledge of the company. Go in to more detail on why you want to work there and why you see yourself as a good candidate for the role.
    • Sign off – Thank them for their time and close with ‘Yours sincerely’ and your name.

    If you feel that seeing example of covering letter may help you then have a look at variation online or get in touch with the Hire a Hero team for some examples.
    Our career coaches are also great support with writing CV and covering letters, particularly when working to adapt them to a position you are applying for.

    Find out more about how you can begin working with a career coach as you search for employment.

In partnership with Hire a Hero, nationwide retailer Farmfoods have now opened recruitment for their Management Development Programme (MDP).

Now in our second year of working to recruit for the programme, Hire a Hero are working exclusively with all serving and ex-military personnel who are interested in a career with Farmfoods


The 12 month programme will allow you to experience almost every part of the business. You will have all of the support and training you need to fulfil this demanding job, requiring excellent organisational skills and an ability to work efficiently.

After nine months you will have acquired the necessary knowledge and management skills to enable you to take on the challenge of running one of the Farmfoods branches. This, the climax of the year, will see you running your own business for three months, managing a team of up to 40 people.

You will have to draw on all of the knowledge and experience gained to date as well as your transferable skills from the military to work effectively, adopting a positive attitude as you motivate your team to overcome the daily challenges of running a successful business.

Once you have this experience successfully under your belt you will be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and management experience to take on a permanent role managing a branch and at your final review & sign off meeting towards the end of the programme you will discuss opportunities for progressing your career with Farmfoods.

Whether for you that means into larger branches, multi-site management, training, distribution, administration, commercial or any of the many other opportunities within Farmfoods you can be sure that the skills you have gained during your training will leave you well equipped to succeed. There really is a wealth of opportunities available by taking part in the MDP.


All serving and ex-military personnel should apply directly to Hire a Hero via the link on our job board.


APPLY – Your application should be your CV – demonstrating all you have to offer, your covering letter – explaining why you are the ideal candidate, and a statement telling the Farmfoods team ‘Why I want to work for Farmfoods.’

CONTACT – Initially you will be contacted by a member of the Hire a Hero team to discuss your application and offered one of our individualised Career Coaches for ongoing support while you wait for your application to be processed. At this point you will be matched with a group Career Coach who will work with yourself and other Farmfoods candidates as you prep for your potential phone interview.

PREP – Ongoing support will be provided by your group career coach at all stages of interview with Farmfoods.

INTERVIEW – Farmfoods MDP is a three stage interview process. This involves: a phone interview, a group assessment centre and an individual face-to-face interview. Preparation for all of the above will be provided by specialist Hire a Hero Career Coaches and supported by the Farmfoods MDP team.

More information can be found here: Farmfoods Management Development Programme.

If you wish to discuss in more detail please contact a member of the Hire a Hero team:, 01495 761084.


Application close date: 31st January 2017

The Hire a Hero team are doing an increasing amount of research into and work with ex-military in the custodial system.

Given our links and growing relationship with Parc Prison in Bridgend and Cardiff Prison, we now attend monthly drop-in sessions to support ex-military personnel currently serving time.

An issue we have come across a number of times for not only those currently in prison and preparing to leave but also those with spent criminal convictions, is when and how to declare your convictions to an employer.

From the insights and experience we have gained so far there are some simple and effective ways to do this and all you need is the knowledge as well as the support of a member of the Hire a Hero mentor.

Our Military Liaison Officer, Jinty Morgan who has been working with ex-military in Cardiff Prison and has done a great amount of research into this area shares her insight:

“The big question: When and how should I disclose my criminal conviction?

“This will depend on a number of factors the main one being the application process, however being open and declaring your criminal convictions in the right way and understanding the disclosure process will increase your chances of a successful outcome when applying for employment.

“This is something that we, at Hire a Hero can support with by sharing with you, all the details you need to know and support you with constructing your CV, covering letter, application and prepping you for your interview.”

If you would like support with your search for employment as an ex-offender including CV and cover letter examples then get in touch with the team who will link you our to one of our trained mentors:, 01495 761084.

Hire a Hero are encouraging ex-military personnel to get involved in volunteering at Tough Mudder events.
Tough Mudder is the largest, team-based obstacle event series in the world, hosting over 60 events annually across 3 continents.
Their set of core values practiced both at the events and in everyday life are something that come naturally to those who have served. Mudders pledge to put teamwork and above all else, help their fellow Mudders overcome the obstacles that are ahead of them, and complete the course.
As a volunteer or MVP (Most Valuable Player) with Tough Mudder you will be the driving force behind the event, bringing enthusiasm, knowledge and an element of team to the event. Roles you can be take on include:

    • Check In/Registration
    • Start Line
    • Finish Line Experience
    • Pre Event Set Up
    • Course & Obstacle
    • Info Desk

    Volunteering is a great way to grow experience on your CV and by volunteering with Tough Mudder you will find out that it doesn’t have to be boring!
    So what’s in it for you?
    • Significantly discounted participant ticket if you do wish to take part in a Tough Mudder event
    • An opportunity to exercise your skills in a different environment and to undertake new experiences
    • Be part of a local event and support the community
    • Give back – after being given support from volunteers at previous events
    • Support a friend or family member
    • Get an insight to Tough Mudder as an event you may wish to take part in in the future
    • Discounted camping
    • Free breakfast or lunch depending on your shift

    A day of camaraderie with other Tough Mudder volunteers in an environment that isn’t so unfamiliar to you with plenty of perks! What more can you ask for?
    If you’re interested in volunteering with Tough Mudder they are seeking support at their events in Scotland on Sat 25th and 26th June.
    You can also find out more about what events you may be able to attend in the future. Get in touch:

For someone with military service a two page CV can seem just impossible. With years of experience to share, various roles, titles and skill sets how do you know what to include and what to omit?

Firstly it is important to understand why your CV should be limited to two pages. Some recruiters can face the task of sifting through hundreds of CV for one vacancy. Their time is limited so your CV needs to get to the point and not be too lengthy. The sharper your CV is in demonstrating what they are seeking the better.

What are you applying for?

Adapting your CV to the role is such an important part of applying for any role. This is also a great opportunity to get you CV to two pages. Depending on what you are applying for prioritise skills and experience that the employer are seeking. This should help you in perhaps shortening some sections of your CV or even removing some unnecessary information.

Reduce information on older roles

Unless some of your older roles specifically demonstrate suitability for the role you are applying you can scale these down to be brief summaries while placing more focus on your recent roles. Older roles can be used to demonstrate your career path, progression and background but if you have a lot of these you can even shorten them down to just role titles and dates.

Is it relevant?

If you have spent a large amount of time on your CV take a step back and come back to it later with fresh eyes. When you return think; Is all the information I have included relevant? Have I been repetitive with anything? If you have then these are some sections you can remove.

Be individual

When going through resettlement you may begin to construct your CV from a standard format. This is a great beginning point as it helps you to begin to get things down on paper but don’t forget that your CV is a marketing tool so don’t be afraid to individualise it. This is specifically the case with your personal statement.

Sell yourself

When reading your CV recruiters should know exactly why you are applying for the role and know you meet the criteria which will take you through to interview. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself and really emphasis what you have to offer.

If you might benefit from some CV support then our Career Coaches could help. Get in touch to find out more:, 01495 761084.

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