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You can register your details and set up a standing order through any one of the following methods:

  • By Virgin Money:
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You can now reserve your space to attend out annual golf event at the spectacular Stoke Park.

Hire a Hero have teamed up with Savoo. is an online fundraising platform that works with over 2,000 leading retailers to donate a percentage of every purchase to charity at no extra cost to the shopper.

You can help support Hire a Hero whilst searching the web or using Savoo’s vouchers on your purchases. In 3 easy steps, you can support the charity and save money.

You can start Saving and Fundraising today by visiting:

Two weeks ago today some of the Hire a Hero team and our supporters were taking part in the London Bridge Walk.

The 12 Bridges, 12 Bars, 12 Miles challenge was not just a fundraising event for Hire a Hero but also a 12 mile networking walk, visiting bars along the way and finishing with an extended networking event. Our team were joined by Hire a Hero supporter, Terence Moore and Hire a Hero Career Coach, Kevin French.

A total of £2000 was raised and we’ve also gathered some new vacancies which are and will be live on our job board for those who have served.

A big thank you to those who joined us for the walk and those who supported us on the day, our Ambassadors, Martin Lewis of NCPI Solutions who joined us on the walk and Ambassador, Ron Weekes of ACA Compliance who provided our walkers with their Hire a Hero branded polo shirts which really helped to advertise the event and promote Hire a Hero on the day.

You can still donate here:

If you’re interested in organising your own fundraising event, or attending a Hire a Hero arranged fundraising event then get in touch with our Development Officer, Axel:


Recently one of our fundraisers got in touch to let us know he was aiming to take on the Fan Dance Challenge and raise funds for Hire a Hero.

With the challenge now compete and having raised £601.25, Rick tells us more about his experience:

“I have no military experience but I’m very interested and grateful for what they do. I took part in the Fan Dance Challenge because I have never done anything like this before and I wanted to see how far I could push myself and  to get an idea of what a soldier has to go through to get into the best Special Forces Regiment in the world.

I chose to raise money for Hire a Hero after a friend told me about the charity. After looking into what the charity can do for our service men and woman I had to do my bit….it was the least I could do.
The best bits of my challenge was the camaraderie with people helping each other and pushing each other along, and receiving my finnishers patch.The worst bit was coming back up Jacob’s ladder that was a real lung buster!
After I completed my challenge I felt a sense of achievement and proud that I could help our service men and woman by raising money for the charity hire a hero.”
A big thank you to Rick for chosing to support Hire a Hero.
You can still donate to his fundraising page: Rick Fan Dance Challenge

If you’re fundraising or want to fundraise for Hire a Hero click HERE.

One of our dedicated supporters Paul Vicary is currently cycling from London to Amsterdam in aid of Hire a Hero.

Find out more about the man behind the challenge:

Paul has nearly 30 years military experience, having joined the British Army at the age of 16 into the Light Infantry (Rifles).  During his time in the military, he has been to all of the ‘nice’ places; worked in highly pressurised and hostile environments.  He now looks towards other challenging environments; pushing the boundaries, as well as raising money for charities and assisting the local community.

He walked, as part of a 3 man team, under the leadership of the Late Henry Worsley, unsupported to the South Pole in 2011/12.  This was in the footsteps of Captain Scott, celebrating his centenary, covering over 920 miles, taking 76 days, and remarkably, arriving the same day at the Pole as Captain Scott and his team did. They managed to raise over £200,000 for injured servicemen.

Since this time, for charity, he has cycled Land’s End to John O Groats, London to Paris in 24hrs, and recently taken a charity group on a trek to Everest Base Camp.

He has currently embarked on probably one of the last and most difficult arenas in the world today, venturing with 2 other colleagues to the Geographic North Pole, totally unsupported.  Paul and his team documented the effects on the Arctic Ocean, as well as raising money for Hire a Hero.  The team was congratulated by Ranulph Fiennes on their accomplishment.

This year he will be cycling from London to Amsterdam for charity and will attempt to get a group of 30 ladies to Everest Base Camp on a charity trek; as well as juggling his busy work, life, with his wife and three young children.


Why you chose to fundraise for Hire a Hero?

Firstly, I have ties with your Founder and I come from a military background myself; I want to support Hire a Hero, raising awareness, plus raise any charity funds for this worthy charity .

What drives you to do these challenges?

Great question!  Personally, as a goal – challenge, the health benefits and something to aim for in life- as well as raising money for charity, raising awareness towards great causes.


You can support Paul by visiting his fundraising page: Paul VirginMoney Giving Page.

At Hire a Hero we always say that planning is key and with this in mind it’s never too early to start getting prepared for Christmas because yes, it is just around the corner!

Earlier this year, Mark Wood, Paul Vicary and Mark Langridge set off on their Race Against aiming to cover 470 Nautical miles over 35 days with the target of reaching Ward Hunt Island which has a small remote run way on the edge of the Arctic Ocean.

Sadly the team have faced some great setbacks, some of which seriously impact on the original planning and completion of the expedition.

Despite all this the team powered through with the attitude ‘the expedition is still on – failure would be not to attempt it in the first place.’

With the team now back in the UK, they are giving you a piece of what it was like to be on the ice with their packs of Christmas cards illustrating humorous situations that happened during the expedition.

Each card has been specially designed by artist John “The Brush”  who has created six unique pictures.

These are a great item for those who wish to collect polar memorabilia but also for those who followed the team on their expedition earlier this year and support Hire a Hero, as all proceeds from sales will go toward serving those who served us.

Packs have been printed by and can be ordered by contacting Mark Wood: or the Hire a Hero team:

We also have the cards at prints and will be sharing these at future events. If you are interested in knowing more about the prints and how you can get your hands on them get in touch:


Looking for a unique way to support Hire a Hero? Well look no further!
We are excited to finally share with you our latest partnership with UnderTheDoormat.


UnderTheDoormat are an organisation who give you the chance to earn an extra income by offering carefully selected guests the opportunity to live like a local  in your home while you are out of town. UnderTheDoormat then facilitate this extra income being donated directly to Hire a Hero without you lifting a finger.


The process is simple and fully managed by the UnderTheDoormat team. All you have to do is let them know when you’re spending time away and able to have guest and they take care of the rest. From providing 5-star bed linens and toiletries, greeting guests and having the place spotless by the time you return home, the whole process is safe and secure. Find out more on their FAQ’s page.


There are plenty of reasons to be involved in supporting Hire a Hero’s partnership with UnderTheDoormat:

  • You can donate to Hire a Hero without having to do anything. The UnderTheDoormat team have it all covered!
  • There is peace of mind in knowing that your empty home is being looked after while you are away
  • This is an innovative way of fundraising and serving those who have served us.

The if’s, and’s and but’s

Explore opening your home to carefully selected guests while supporting Hire a Hero by chatting to the UnderTheDoormat team. Find out more by visiting their website or call them direct 0207 952 1650.

With the North Pole 16 team back in the UK we hear from Mark Wood about the expedition, from the best to the most challenging moments and what’s to come for the team:

The epic journey is now over! How does it feel to be back?

The physical side of the expedition is one thing but the physiological side is something you don’t feel until it’s all over – so I feel drained. It was a tough expedition for many reasons but I always say the expedition isn’t over until you arrive back home safely.

What were the best moments?

When we got clearance to actually head out on ice and once the helicopter disappeared then the silence of the arctic and the surreal scape of the ice really made me feel alive. The challenges even though tough on the trip are now the real moments that stand out – crossing open water / incredible ice fields and boulder fields. Tough but rewarding.

And the most challenging?

To cope with the changing environment that global warming has developed – as a team we forged forward but only as a team were we able to overcome some remarkable obstacles developed by the change of climate – we filmed and photographed these moments so in my eyes the expedition was a success.

Despite setbacks, you’ve all done an amazing job of raising awareness and exceeded the expedition objectives. How does it feel to have impacted people in this way?

This is our reason for exploring – to inspire others is bantered around a lot nowadays but in many cases inspiration comes from showing how ordinary you are so people can relate to you and then the challenge allows people to maybe not become explorers but (hopefully) to think differently about themselves and their own part they play in the world. That’s inspiration.

Our connection through the charity is a pure example of this – as ex and serving soldiers we understand the possible difficulty of the transition into civilian life and in many cases it’s about understanding yourself and thinking differently.

So what’s next for the North Pole 16 team?

Beer! Joking (ish!) for me I am now working towards the next expedition which is called PROJECT 8848 where we aim to take that amount of schools visually in real time to the summit of Mount Everest. At the moment it seems difficult and daunting but this means it’s worth doing.

You can continue to keep up with Mark through Facebook: Mark Wood Explorer.

The North Pole 16 expedition team have already faced some great setbacks, some of which seriously impact on the completion of the expedition.

In recent days a huge game changer has hit the team. The runway at Barneo, on the Arctic ocean, had split completely, making it extremely dangerous to land on.

The team aimed to cover 470 Nautical miles over 35 days with the target of reaching Ward Hunt Island which has a small remote run way on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. It now looks like the team will be left with just 20 days for the challenge so are now aiming to go as far as possible with the time they have remaining.

While this is obviously very disappointing for the team, their safety as well as the safety of all those involved must be priority and this does not distract from original purpose of the expedition – to document and raise awareness of the impact of climate change. The challenges faced so far by the team are purely down to this.

The North Pole 16 team, Mark Wood, Paul Vicary and Mark Langridge said: “Over the next 8 days we are going to head out with our sledges, with the intention of training hard for the journey – so expect audio reports from the ice in due course.

The reality is the expedition is still on – failure would be not to attempt it in the first place.

If you have been following our journey so far, as a team, we’ve had everything thrown at us! But, we aim to continue with our mission statement, flying into the North Pole and skiing south towards Canada – we will forge forward each day, going “Always a Little Further…”

Climate Scientist, Dr Stephan Harrison at Exeter University said:  “The “Race Against Time” expedition is coming at a momentous time for the region.  For the second year in a row Arctic sea ice is at a record low after a very warm winter season where temperatures were between 2-6 degrees Celsius warmer that average.  This is almost certainly a consequence of global warming driven inexorably by human activities, and the Arctic is the place where its effects are being seen most dramatically”

“It may well be that the continued melting of sea ice will make expeditions like this impossible within a few years.  A sobering thought as we fail to halt the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere”.

Don’t forget you can keep up to date with the team and their progress by visiting their website and liking them on Facebook.

As ex-military personnel themselves, the North Pole 16 team are raising funds for Hire a Hero during their challenge. Visit their fundraising page: Donate to North Pole 16.

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