At Hire a Hero, we wouldn’t have achieved all we have without our volunteers and dedicated supporters. This newsletter is a thank you to you, for all your support over the years and particularly in the last six months, a period which has seen the charity go from strength to strength, supporting more service leavers than ever before. Here’s what the last six months look like. 

Corporate Partnerships                                                                Job Applications 
43 New Corporate Partnerships (6 months)                                      348 Job Applications Received (6 Months)
68 New Corporate Partnerships made in 2017                                  Increased by 57% on 2017 end of year

Service Leavers                                                                                 Jobs Board 
639 Service Leavers supported so far                                                  78 Jobs Advertised so far 
619 Service Leavers were supported in 2017                                      110 Jobs advertised throughout 2017

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108 Shares -172 Reacts – 158 Posts                                              50 Followers – 88 Likes – 25 Posts
Twitter                                                                                         Linkedin
2.8 thousand followers – 231 Tweets – 381 Likes                       514 Followers – 254 Visitors – 204 Likes

Many companies today are using social media to advertise positions and find new employees. Using social media effectively in a professional manner should be a key part of your search for employment.

Social media profiles give you the opportunity to advertise yourself to potential employers, but they also serve as a space where employers can find out more about you. Being conscious of what you post online is really important and particularly if you’re seeking employment, you should be using social media channels with a professional head on.


LinkedIn is one of the most valuable social networking tools if you’re searching for employment. LinkedIn provides an online professional network of employers where you can approach individuals directly and likewise they can get in touch with you. If you’re on LinkedIn then make sure you’re profile is up to date with all experience, career information and transferable skill sets. Think of LinkedIn as an online CV which employers across the country can access at any time. Your profile can also include endorsements from previous employers so the more you can network and connect with people the more your connections will grow.


Many people now use Twitter in a professional manner, having short conversations and sharing information. It’s very easy to be informal on Twitter given its nature however always remain professional if your profile is open to the public. Twitter gives you the opportunity to follow companies to keep up to date with what they’re doing, which is really useful particularly if you have an interview coming up and want to know all the latest information. Your bio on Twitter can even include a link to your professional LinkedIn profile which gives people the opportunity to find out more about you, your skills and expertise.


Facebook is still one of the largest social media networks and while predominantly set up and used to connect with friends and family, it is increasingly becoming a platform which can be used more professionally. As with Twitter, Facebook is largely informal but don’t get caught up in this, particularly if you have a profile which is open to the public. Generally, Facebook is the least friendly social media platform to openly network but again offers a great opportunity to find out more about companies you apply for vacancies with.

If you’re not using social media as a mean to find employment then you should keep the following in mind:

  • Is your personal profile private? Are you sure? Check the privacy settings of your profiles to ensure that, even if they are personal they don’t portray you in a bad light.
  • Many employers now have a look at online profiles to find out more about candidates. Have a think about how you’re portraying yourself in a professional and personal sense.

If you are looking for support with networking and finding employment then a Hire a Hero Career Coach could help. Find out more: Work with a Hire a Hero Career Coach or get in touch with our Military Liaison Officer, Jinty:, 01495 366670.

Social media and networking sites can be a really useful resource when searching for employment, researching careers and marketing yourself to future employers.

With this is mind, many people can fall into traps and may not be portraying themselves in the best light online. You should be aware that research by has shown that 55% of employers who researched candidates online found something which made them not hire the candidate. It was also found that 48% of recruiters use social media to gain additional information on candidates interested in the role they are advertising.

These stats show that even if the social media channels you are using are on a personal basis, then you still should be cautious of what can be openly viewed.

Here are some Hire a Hero top tips on using some social media channels and how to make the most of them.

Facebook – This channel is quite often for more personal than professional use, though given the amount of users many businesses do use it as a channel to promote their brand and employment opportunities. If you are a regular Facebook user on a personal level then ensure that you have appropriately set privacy settings. There are certain things that employers don’t need or want to see and these should be kept between yourself and your Facebook friends. Given that your profile picture cannot be hidden, ensure this is suitable for anyone who may be looking at your page and gives the right impression.

Twitter – There are great opportunities to follow and learn more about companies on Twitter. Re-tweeting shows interest and who you follow demonstrates what you want to know about. Again Twitter is a channel where frequent job vacancies are posted so by following companies you are keen to work for you will be regularly updated on what may be available in terms of employment. As with Facebook, ensure your Twitter is making the right impression, your bio should be non-offensive to anyone who takes a look and demonstrate you as an employable individual.

LinkedIn – This channel is very business orientated and for professional use. Instead of an opportunity to chat and catch up with friends, LinkedIn provides the chance to network with a vast range of individuals from most employment sectors. Making a LinkedIn profile is highly recommended if you are searching for employment. It is a great opportunity to market yourself to employers as effectively an online CV. LinkedIn is a very commonly used source for job hunting and is not one you should be missing out on.

If you are concerned about or wish to improve your use of social media in your search for employment then Hire a Hero could help. Be it using Twitter effectively or setting up a LinkedIn to really demonstrate your employability then our Career Coaches could work alongside you to do so.

Find out more about our CAREER COACHES or get in touch:, 01495 761084.

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