Working with service leavers, past, present and future.

The Hire a Hero Transition Support Scheme supports all ex-military personnel.

From one day to a full service, redundancy, medical or voluntary discharge, we aim to support all ex-military personnel to make the transition from service to civilian life.

Why become a Transition Support Guide with Hire a Hero?

Working with a Transition Support Guide gives ex-military personnel an individual point of contact on the other side of the fence as well as regular and reliant support.

The time moving between military and civilian life can raise a number of issues for members of the armed forces. This can lead to uncertainty, vulnerability and beginning on a downward spiral.

Becoming a Transition Support Guide with Hire a Hero means that you are an important and integral part of preventing this downward spiral for the ex-military personnel you support.

The relationship is on-going and is only closed when the service leaver is fully settled in civilian life.

Volunteering as a Transition Support Guide is one of the most rewarding ways to get involved with us. You have a direct impact on making the transition from service to civilian life a positive experience for those who have served.

Could you be a Hire a Hero Transition Support Guide?

As a Transition Support Guide you will be required to provide support to service leavers as either a Career Coach which is based specifically around employment support, a Mentor which encompasses more transitional factors such as housing etc or you can opt to volunteer as both, widening the scope of service leavers you can support.

You will be able to provide individual, tailored support to service leavers by using your own skills, knowledge, network and civilian life experience to offer valuable advice and guidance to ex-military personnel in their transition period.

Many Transition Support Guides have a military background and their own transition story to share but with or without we would love to hear from anyone who feels they may have something to offer.

Civilian experience is just as important in helping service leavers to adapt to life and employment on Civvy Street.

To join the Hire a Hero team as a Transition Support Guide you are required to attend a one day training session at either our head office in Mamhilad or in London where you will receive all the necessary training needed to effectively support service leavers transitioning.

Transition Support Guides and service leavers are carefully paired dependant on a number of factors to ensure the best match which will in turn benefit both the service leaver and the mentor.

How does it differ from other support programmes?

Hire a Hero offers support to all those who have served, past, present and future and will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. Our Transition Support Scheme can also be undertaken over the phone, via email or through Skype depending on the needs of the service leaver.

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The Hire a Hero Transition Support Scheme is supported by the fantastic supporters and fundraisers of Hire a Hero.

Donations, funds raised and kind support of office space for Hire a Hero directly contribute to being able to run our Training Days.

The Hire a Hero Transition Support Guide scheme runs independently of the current resettlement support available to those leaving the military however emphasises the importance of making the most of the successful resettlement systems already in place.

So far the 56% of the service leavers who approach Hire a Hero for support have been part of and benefitted from working alongside a Hire a Hero Transition Support Guide

Those who have served are also six times more likely to gain employment if in contact with a Hire a Hero Transition Support Guide.

Find out when and where our Transition Support Guide Training days are on our events page.





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