As part of the Captain Tom 100 Fundraising Campaign, Streamers and Content Creators over on Facebook Gaming are taking on the challenge of 100 Hours of Gaming in order to raise vital funds for Hire a Hero. 

Streamers Taking Part:

Peak Gaming

Stream Date & Time:
Friday 30th April 2021 - 8am

I'm Connor aka Peak Gaming!  An Aussie living in the UK, I've always had a passion for gaming, not a pro but it is my mission to entertain! I'm a big advocate for mental health and have the utmost respect of servicemen, having met plenty through streaming. I'm hoping we can go above and beyond by raising some money for such a great cause!

Thecoachrjw Gaming

Stream Date & Time:
Friday 30th April 2021 - 10am

As a current serving soldier and soon to be medically discharged from service I feel supporting a charity that is helping veterans is the least I could do in return as I am soon to be a vet. Supporting charities like Hire a Hero is instrumental into having a positive impact on service leavers who may struggle with transitioning into civilian life. Therefore it's a pleasure and privilege to help such a charity

Shawzy GG 

Stream Date & Time:
Friday 30th April 2021 - 3pm

Just a little man from Wales / here to have a laugh and make you guys smile! Always been a passionate gamer since a young age  / Hype vibes all day everyday

We will be tuning in and supporting these amazing streamers when they are live, if you would like to donate to this fundraising event please click here!