Job Title: City Manager (multiple positions - 1 per city)

Location: Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield

Job Start Date: January 2021

Job Salary: £25,000 - £30,000

Outline of Business/Company
With our easy-to-use app you can have all your favourite snacks, drinks and essentials delivered to your door faster than you can walk to the local shop!

Phenomenal growth over the last 12 months means we are now live in 4 cities and are rapidly expanding the team to drive growth and optimisation.

Whilst the convenience industry might not be the sexiest, it's certainly got size on its side.

With a total addressable market in the billions, there is huge scope for disruption and we're on a mission to make convenience far more convenient that it has ever been before.

General Description
We are looking for an entrepreneurial self-starter to help set up and lead our operations in our new cities

The City Manager's role is intense, fast paced and one that requires relentless determination and enthusiasm for growth and optimisation. You will be our eyes and ears on the ground and your ultimate goal is to run an efficient city with very happy customers!

All City Managers will report into the Head of Expansion and have continued support from the central team.

Key Responsibilities:
Oversee all warehouse operations including stock, schedules, health, safety and hygiene
Drive optimization and efficiency of KPIs. This includes reducing delivery time, late orders and customer issues

Customer Experience
Driver training and regular reinforcement of customer experience expectations

Customer communications and issue resolution

Be a part of our customer community

Identify trends and issues and provide optimisation feedback to the wider team

Key Skills:




Attention to detail

Desire to take ownership of ambitious targets

Strong data and analytical skills

Strong written and verbal communication skills

Ability to lead in an ever-changing environment

Flexibility and willingness to work with fluid schedules; being available during peak hours of operation

Physical Requirements:
No specific requirements - role will be based from your cities warehouse and can be cold of an evening.

Essential Criteria:
Driving license