Operatives - Covid-19 Test Sites Merseyside and Cheshire
Senior / Supervisor & Site Lead positions are also available.
Pay Rates from £9.30-£20.00 per hr (subject to specific role)
Due to the current pandemic and economic climate, we are looking for people to assist us with long term temporary roles.
We are particularly interested to hear from anyone who has worked on sensitive Projects & Events such as Covid-19 Test Centres, HMRC, Armed Forces and major Sporting Events, particularly those with SIA.

Job Description:
We are working with Mac Projects who are looking to recruit Operatives to enable the testing process to be seamless, ensure that the test subjects experience is pleasant and managed in a professional way.

Managing the flow of users into and out of the site.

Checking entry and exit into site.

Maintaining out of hours log for security staff shifts.

Liaise with Test Centre Supervisor and Security to plan flow & management.

Manage process for entry / exit of all vehicles, direct vehicles into the appropriate areas to park safely to enable individuals to undertake the test.

To ensure that social distancing is undertaken.

Ensure that vehicles are parked correctly

Assist in new site activation to ensure processes are ready

Duties may also include distribution and collection of testing kits and any other associated roles and responsibilities (no involvement in actual testing)

YOU can play an essential role in maximising our capacity as a country to fight this outbreak both on a national and local level. 

Qualifications / Attributes
Team player
Flexible Approach to work to suit the business needs.
Excellent customer service skills.
Ability to go above and beyond. 
Being able to remain calm under pressure.

Additional Information
Full Training available
Full Personal Protective Equipment will be supplied in line with NHS standards. Applicant to provide own safety boots as a minimum.
Ability to physically stand for several hours – up to 12-14 (4 on /4 off rota basis)
Willingness to work outside (weather protection will be provided)
Hours of work to cover a working pattern over 7 days a week with rest breaks. 
First Aid Support and facilities onsite
Senior / Supervisor & Site Lead / positions may also be available.
Pay Rates from £9.30-£20.00 per hr (subject to specific role, qualifications, and experience) 

As we work with a wide variety of people, including individuals who may be more vulnerable than you, applicants must be in general good health and not classified as in any of the COVID High risk groups therefore:

Must not have a long-term health condition which would put you in the high-risk category

Must not be pregnant.

Must not have a weakened immune system through medical conditions or therapy.


All successful candidates may be submitted for DBS/CTC clearance if they do not already hold this.