Networking involves connecting friends, family members and colleagues to discuss new directions, generate career options, help in decision-making, assess your transferable skills, find job leads, shape your CV, rehearse for interviews, gain access to role models and mentors and receive support.

It is thought that at least 60% of jobs are found through networking.

As soon as you embark on your job search, whether or not you are still in your current role, tell people you are looking.


Through Hire a Hero a ready-made network of people are available, willing and able to assist you in your job search.

Thanks to our Career Coaching scheme the charity has a pool of well-connected volunteers who can help you navigate the civilian job market.

Whether it be advice on your next career, improving your CV or assistance in setting up a business, the Hire a Hero network is well placed to offer the support you are looking for.


As well as using Hire a Hero to expand your network there are other ways:

At structured events with networking on the agenda: scheduled one-to-one meetings, career or job fairs, networking clubs, events sponsored by Chambers of Commerce and recruitment agencies, civic conventions, professional association meetings, trade shows and Internet communities. 

At unstructured settings where you can turn on your networking skills: restaurants and clubs, continuing education classes, parties and other social occasions (although don’t become the party bore here – it’s often best to note the name and contact details of the person you’d like to talk to and call them after the event), on the bus or aeroplane, and Internet chat rooms. 

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