Left school at 16 and joined the Royal Marines, enjoyed some unforgettable experiences and made friends for life.

Joined the Police in the 1990s and quickly moved onto the Specialist Firearms Unit where I remained for the next 26 years! 
Working alongside many like minded ex-servicemen and women over the years, it was clear that the experience gained from the military was a significant advantage creating extremely competent and capable Police Firearms Officers regularly deploying to exteremely challenging high threat and risk overt and covert Firearms Operations.
The teamwork, support and regular banter I experienced in Police Frearms is so familiar that it's difficult to separate from working in military teams. Police Firearms kit, weapons, vehicles and equipment are the best available and the training is intense but extremely rewarding.
Following retirement from the police in 2017, I joined National Armed Policing as a Senior Project Manager and introduced the recruitment support pathway for military service leavers into Armed Policing Roles.
Through an extensive network of Armed Policing contacts, I arrange Open Days, individual visits and put service leavers in touch with Armed Policing contacts in any force in the UK. The introduction of a 'mentor' programme provides additional local support and very recently I gained approval for an Elective Module in Armed Policing to be developed through the College of Policing for recruits to study during training.
The recruitment pathway has supported many service leavers into the Police who are currently on Firearms Units and developing their skills working towards Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer (CTSFO).
I am available for individual advice and support via email and will always answer the phone if i can. Through this pathway, the benefits of recruiting military service leavers has been recognised by senior stakeholders at the highest levels because you have the experience and skills that make a difference.
I will continue to give up my personal time to provide support to service leavers into Police Firearms roles through the fantastic charity Hire a Hero who have helped so many service leavers into many new jobs.
If the Police Firearms sounds like it might be of interest, please get in touch!