Do it your way! Together we can ensure Captain Tom’s legacy lives on

All you need to do is dream up a challenge based around the number 100, and do it between Friday 30 April and Monday 3 May.

You could walk 100 laps of your garden just like Captain Tom, swim 100 lengths or sing for 100 minutes. There are no rules (apart from Government guidelines on the roadmap out of lockdown) 

“We are so grateful for the incredible support we have received since my father started his record-breaking fundraising walk and that his message of hope was shared with the world. Captain Tom was very proud to be able to leave behind the growing legacy of his Foundation. We know he would love the idea of inviting everyone to get involved and share their Captain Tom 100 so that together we can ensure ‘Tomorrow will be a good day’. We look forward to celebrating with you on what would have been his 101st birthday weekend – it’s going to be fun!”

Hannah x

Whether you’re juggling for 100 seconds, building 100 sandcastles or climbing 100 steps, Hire a Hero will support you in your fundraising efforts. Here are some ideas of the challenges you can do!

1. Walk 100 laps of your garden
2. Do 100 push ups 
3. Bake 100 cakes
4. Write a 100-sentence story 
5. Wash 100 cars 
6. Skip for 100 minutes
7. Get 100 people involved in Captain Tom 100
8. Wear 100 different fancy dress costumes 
9. Score 100 netball goals 
10. Juggle for 100 seconds 
11. Run for 100 minutes 
12. Send 100 messages  
13. Do 100 keepy-uppies 
14. Paint 100 pictures 
15. Take a dog for 100 walks

Whatever you choose to do, do it for a good cause and remember Captain Tom Moore.  

You can create your own fundraising page here 

If you need any help or assistance please contact [email protected]