Veterans into Logistics Provide Training, Support and Employment Opportunities

for ex-military personnel and families who are finding it difficult to find meaningful employment. 

This includes veterans who are long-term unemployed, homeless or Veterans exiting custody, also, those seeking a new career.

The team at Veterans into Logistics consists of several seasoned veterans, family, friends, volunteers, and skilled professionals. Here is what the team offers.


We offer one to one mentoring to veterans who may lack self-belief through the lack of employment opportunities since leaving the military.


We work in partnerships to provide funded transport and logistics training programmes for ex-military personnel to increase their employment opportunities within this sector.


We work with a dedicated recruitment team that understands the industry and works with clients and veterans place them into suitable employment.

Support Network

We are a member of Association of ex-Service Drop-In Centres (ASDIC) where we utilise our facilities as drop in centre to offer support for veterans in our community.

For Businesses

We are continuously looking to grow our partnerships and work with companies who support getting veterans into logistics.

Book Your Training Course Today

Get in touch with us today by submitting our online enquiry form and a member of the VTA team will contact you back. Once done, this will enable us to start the process of getting your LGV licence and more importantly getting you into work once qualified.

Alternatively, email your enquiry to us at; [email protected]

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