Intro to 'How to write a CV – Tips and advice to help you land a job'

Service leavers and veterans have lots of coveted skills that are highly attractive to employers. But, even with this impressive background and skill set, you’re unlikely to capture a recruiter’s attention without a standout CV. So, how should you go about creating one that’ll show off your best qualities and get you hired?

S1jobs have released an informative guide on how to write a CV that’ll help you land a job. The article includes top tips on how to structure your CV, as well as best practices for your introductory paragraph, and your education and work experience sections. It even includes helpful information on writing a supporting cover letter that’s tailored to your job role – showing that you’ve gone the extra mile to create one is guaranteed to make you a top candidate for interview. 

No matter the kind of work you’re looking for, every prospective employer wants to see a CV that’s clear, concise and presentable. Need a little inspiration? The guide also includes example templates you can work from. 

Leaving the armed services can be a tough transition, but it’s also an exciting time full of new avenues for personal growth and professional development. The first step towards a world of fresh opportunities is to craft a persuasive CV. Ready to get started? Head to the guide for helpful tips and tricks that’ll stand you in good stead with potential employers.