Big Yellow work placements aim to provide:

  • an insight into the way businesses work
  • real experience of workplace culture and behaviour
  • an opportunity to expand their experience and learn new skills, including interpersonal skills, both with fellow team members and customers on site
  • the confidence to thrive in a workplace environment 

Work placement are up to 16 hours a week for 12 weeks - flexible to suit the needs of the individual and the store  with the possibility of extending or turning into a permanent role if the placement goes well

Since relaunching our work placements at the end of last year we’ve placed four people from our Foundation’s charities:

  • Zac started in Maidenhead in November 2021
  • In January 2022, Louis started in Swindon and Leaticia started in Battersea
  • Josh started in Cardiff in July. 

Three of our 4 placements have been extended.

Work placements in our stores are based on our two entry level roles:

  • General Assistant
  • Sales Advisor

We recognise that every candidate will be different and so will focus the tasks around their different strengths, needs and goals. All candidates will be invited to visit the store, meet the team and to discuss the possible work placement before the placement is confirmed.

You can find the job specs here: