The Veterans’ Foundation is one of the country’s fastest-growing military charities and we are proud to work with hundreds of smaller charities and charitable organisations across UK that share our passion: to provide a better life for our Armed Forces family who are in need (our beneficiaries).

We help our partner organisations by supporting them to deliver life-changing projects through our grant award scheme.  

To help you find out more about where your money goes and how it changes lives, we've broken down the members of our charitable Hub into categories. You can view it here.

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The Veterans' Lottery

The Veterans’ Lottery was established in July 2016 as a funding source to help members of the UK’s armed forces and Veterans who are in need. 

The Veterans’ Lottery operates through subscribers committing to a monthly direct debit of £10. When you join, you will be sent a unique Veterans’ Lottery membership card bearing your name and number. The lottery draw takes place on the last day of each month and lottery winners are posted on the Veterans’ Foundation website soon afterwards. All winners are also contacted directly.

In addition to the Veterans’ Lottery membership card, you will be offered a complimentary Gourmet Society membership (worth £79.99 annually) for as long as you sustain the Veterans’ Lottery direct debit. This membership can save you up to 50% in over 6500 restaurants and pubs nationwide. Should you wish to use the service you must activate the membership on receipt of your Veterans’ Lottery documentation.

The Veterans' Lottery has 42 monthly prizes - £5,000, £2000 plus 40 £120 prizes. The lottery also has a rollover fund which pushes the top prize to £35,000.

The Veterans’ Lottery prizes consist of the first prize of £5,000, the second prize of £2,000 and 40 prizes of £120. There is also a rollover prize that grows as the lottery grows. If the monthly winner’s rollover number matches that drawn by the random number generator, you win the rollover prize as well as the first prize. If the numbers aren’t a match, the rollover pot carries over to a maximum total prize of £35,000. The Veterans’ Lottery rollover, if unclaimed, grows by 3% of the monthly lottery income. See Veterans’ Lottery Winners here.

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